“I thought I knew exactly what I was doing with baby #2 because #1 was such a good sleeper. Boy was I wrong! I was tired of being tired when Nena made us a sleep plan. Just getting on a schedule has helped us so much. I highly recommend Goodnight Moon, LLC sleep consulting!”

— Nicole H.

“Nena was so helpful! It’s so nice to have reassurance and encouragement when sleepless nights are so physically and mentally exhausting. I appreciated her trusted sources that she offered with so much information and guidance. She truly made life with a newborn much more enjoyable!!!”

— Sarah S.

Nena was super helpful with getting us through the 4 month sleep regression and getting better sleep all around. She took a very gentle approach and was so supportive. She was always available to answer my questions and got back to me quickly.  

— Abbie K.

We hadn’t slept in almost a year and needed help! Nena worked with us on a plan and offered thoughtful advice that is finally getting us results. Baby is learning to sleep on his own and we are feeling like ourselves again. I would recommend Nena to anyone that is having trouble sleeping or needs encouragement with sleep coaching. Thank you so much for giving us back the great night sleep we have been missing ! 

— Bridget B.